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Mr. S. Harbinson (Hong Kong)
H Technical Cooperation
53. In regard to the question raised in paragraph 12 of document IP/C/W/21 on the desirability of occasional discussions on specific aspects of technical cooperation with a view to a more in-depth exploration of the possibilities available and the experience of Members, interest in organizing such thematic discussions was shown by the representatives of Egypt, India, Japan, Peru, the United States, the Philippines, Switzerland, Uruguay, the European Communities, New Zealand and Australia. The representatives of India and Switzerland believed that it might be useful to have such discussions immediately prior to a Council meeting. Agreeing with this, the representatives of Peru and the United States added that perhaps the first discussion could be organized already before the Council's meeting scheduled for September 1996. The representative of Japan said that, to the extent that discussions might entail political decisions by Members, they should take place in the Council; discussions for the purposes of information and education could be organized as workshops open to all Members.