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Mr. W. Armstrong (New Zealand)
C Notifications under Article 4(d)
14. The representative of Switzerland said that his delegation had examined the international agreements notified so far, with a view, inter alia, to assessing whether these agreements concerned Switzerland and might need to be notified by Switzerland as well, in order to ensure complete consistency at the international level and legal security, both for private parties and WTO Members. Switzerland did not believe that international agreements like the Berne Convention and the Paris Convention, which were taken up by reference in the TRIPS Agreement, had to be notified. Neither was there a need, in his delegation's view, to notify other international agreements referred to in Articles 3, 4 and 5 of the TRIPS Agreement. However, if there were elements of these international agreements that his delegation had overlooked, Switzerland would appreciate being informed. Obviously, the matter still required further reflection. Referring to the informal Secretariat note, he sought clarification of the fourth and fifth indents of paragraph 5. His delegation would like to know whether the last two sentences of the fourth indent related to the issue of regional arrangements. If this were the case, his delegation wished to reflect further on the matter. As regards the last sentence of the fifth indent, his delegation would like to suggest to replace "the countries" by "most of the countries", since Switzerland had not shared the view reflected.