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Mr. W. Armstrong (New Zealand)
F Technical Cooperation
35. In concluding the discussion on the first question, the Chairman recalled that the Council had agreed in February that updated information on technical cooperation activities should be made available for the Council's meeting scheduled for 18 September 1996, which would have a special focus on technical cooperation. Having full information on these activities available was important, so that the Council would be in a position to have a worthwhile discussion at that meeting. If there appeared to be a continued desire to pursue further the issue of guidelines for the presentation of information, any such guidelines should be agreed by the time of the Council's meeting scheduled for July 1996. He was encouraged by the apparent willingness of delegations to provide information and find ways to match supply and demand in respect of technical assistance. He proposed that the Council take note of the statements made and revert to the issue of technical cooperation at its next meeting. He would take under advisement the suggestion to hold further informal consultations on the matter, noting that the Council would need to discuss in due course document IP/C/W/22.