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Mr. W. Armstrong (New Zealand)
G.iii Letter from Chairman of the Committee on Trade and Development
50. The Chairman said that he had recently received a letter from the Chairman of the Committee on Trade and Development, Ambassador Benjelloun-Touimi of Morocco, in which he had been asked to provide information on the work undertaken in the TRIPS Council regarding the implementation of the development-related provisions of the Agreement, as an input into the review which the Committee on Trade and Development was required to hold on the application of special provisions in the various agreements in favour of developing country Members and in particular least-developed country Members. He informed the Council that it was his intention to respond to this letter, in due course, by drawing the attention of Ambassador Benjelloun-Touimi to the work that the Council had done and was going to do in the area of technical cooperation, and invited Members having any other thoughts that they wished him to take into account, to give their comments to him as soon as possible, either at today's meeting or on a bilateral basis.