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E Implementation of Articles 70.8 and 70.9
22. The Chairman said that a notification had been received from Morocco providing the address where applications under Article 70.8 could be filed (document IP/N/1/MAR/1). Notifications had also been received from Kenya and Singapore, both of which stated that patent protection was already applied to pharmaceutical and agricultural chemical products (documents IP/N/1/KEN/1 and IP/N/1/SGP/1). The Slovak Republic had notified (as reflected in document IP/N/1/SVK/2) that "legal protection for all pharmaceutical products is provided for in the Act on Inventions, Industrial Designs and Rationalisation Proposals" (document IP/N/1/SVK/I/2); the Slovak Republic had also notified that "the list of legal regulations with regard to the protection of agricultural chemical products is under preparation and will be notified soon".