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F Technical Cooperation
33. The representative of Egypt said that his delegation was in favour of following the headings used in the summary prepared by the Secretariat (document IP/C/W/22). There did not need to be any rigid format, but a practical way to communicate technical assistance programmes. He suggested as a flexible solution to this issue that developed country Members, instead of using the headings of IP/C/W/22, establish contact points responsible for technical assistance; thus, there would be an opportunity for interaction between donors of technical cooperation and those searching for specific forms of technical cooperation. However, he believed that the Council should continue to monitor the situation and ensure that technical and financial assistance as required by Article 67 was provided and evaluated. In this context, he stressed the importance of an annual up-dating of information on technical and financial assistance by developed country Members and of a linkage of the proposed contact points to the procedures for the communication of such information.