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F Technical Cooperation
37. In conclusion, the Chairman said that it was important to have a full set of responses as early as possible, so that the information could be processed and circulated in time for the September meeting and allow a worthwhile discussion on the issue of technical cooperation at that meeting. The suggestion for the establishment of contact points had been generally welcomed and would appear to be a useful way of promoting the exchange of information between donors and recipients of technical assistance. He therefore suggested that developed country Members be requested, when submitting information on their activities for the September meeting, to provide also such a contact point or contact points if that would be more appropriate in terms of the shape of their administrations. This contact point could be the same as the one that the Member in question had notified under Article 69 of the Agreement, or it could be different, again depending on the structure of the administration of the Member. As regards the question about requesting developing country Members to identify gaps in the provision of assistance, he believed that it would be useful if delegations could reflect upon this matter and suggested that the Council revert to the question at its meeting in September. At that time, the possibility might be explored of a questionnaire which might be addressed to developing and least-developed country Members by the Secretariat.