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I Review of Legislation on Copyright and Related Rights
55. The Chairman recalled that the procedures for this review could be found in the minutes of the Council's meeting of 9 May 1996 (IP/C/M/7, paragraph 6). In accordance with these procedures, the Secretariat had circulated a proposed timetable in an informal note of 1 July 1996. Most of the laws and regulations to be reviewed had been notified under Article 63.2 and distributed in WTO documents. Written questions concerning other Members' legislation had been received from the United States, the European Communities and their Member States, Poland and Australia. The Chairman suggested that each Member might provide, in introducing its legislation, a brief overview of the structure of its legislation on copyright and related rights and of the changes, if any, that it had had to bring about in order to make the legislation compatible with the TRIPS Agreement. After having done so, an introduction might be provided to the responses to the questions that had been put to them by other Members. After these presentations and introductions of responses, he would then offer the floor to other delegations for any comments or other questions.