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Ambassador W. Armstrong (New Zealand)
D Follow-up to the review of legislation on copyright and related rights
13. The Chairman said that the Secretariat had received written copies of all the follow-up and other additional questions and replies that had been presented orally in the review of legislation on copyright and related rights at the Council's July meeting. The record of the introductory statements made by delegations, the questions put to them and the responses given, including certain written responses provided after the meeting, had been compiled in a new IP/Q/- series of documents. Most of these documents had already been circulated, at least in one language, and a few were still being processed. He referred to the procedures for the review (document IP/C/M/7, paragraph 6), which provided that, at subsequent meetings of the Council, an opportunity would be given to follow up any point emerging from the review session which delegations considered had not been adequately addressed. At the Council's September meeting, it had been agreed that the issue be kept on the agenda of the Council, as a general item, so as to allow delegations, as the process evolved, to raise any point they wished.