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Ambassador Carmen Luz Guarda (Chile)
B.i.a Responses to the checklist of issues on enforcement (IP/C/5)
6. The representative of Hungary indicated that the responses were being prepared by his delegation and would be made available to the Secretariat very soon. The representative of Switzerland said that responses would be notified by the end of July. The representative of Australia said that the responses were close to finalization and would be notified shortly. The representative of the European Communities agreed that the checklist was a fundamental tool for the review to be carried out in November and said that the three Community Member States mentioned by the Chairperson would do their utmost to make the responses available soon. The representative of Romania said that a draft of her delegation's notification was being examined by the Ministry of Trade and Industry and would be submitted before 12 September 1997. The representative of South Africa said that his delegation was mindful of the deadline for the submission of the responses to the checklist as well as of its importance. His delegation would attempt to have the responses notified before the end of July. The representative of the Czech Republic said that his delegation was finalizing its work on the notification regarding the enforcement checklist, which would be submitted to the Secretariat before 12 September 1997. The representative of the Slovak Republic informed the Council that his delegation was in the final stage of the preparation of the notification, which would be submitted before the next meeting of the Council.