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Ambassador Carmen Luz Guarda (Chile)
Hong Kong, China
D.iii.b Advance reviews
54. The representative of Hong Kong, China said that his delegation supported conducting advance reviews of implementing legislation of certain Members, and that Hong Kong, China was one of those Members willing to submit its legislation to an advance review. He said that such a review would be in his delegation's own interest and in the interest of the Council, since it would permit a smoother progression of the considerable workload of reviewing legislation. His delegation hoped that the next Chair of the Council would pursue consultations on this matter and called upon those Members who were opposing an agreement on conducting advance reviews to be prepared to give further thought to it, taking into account the expressed willingness of some Members to volunteer in this regard and also the workload which would confront the Council at the end of the transitional period. His delegation did not believe that such advance reviews would, if conducted in accordance with the draft ground rules proposed by the Chair, prejudice the position of other Members.