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Ambassador István Major (Hungary)
38. The representative of Australia welcomed the statements by the representatives of Bulgaria and Hong Kong, China. She said that her delegation was very conscious of the substantial tasks that developing countries took in preparing for compliance with the Agreement. She said that the expertise and resources that her delegation made available were clearly focused on the areas of priority articulated by its partners for technical cooperation. Her delegation was increasingly conscious of the need for the diverse range of technical cooperation provided through bilateral or regional avenues or through multilateral organizations to be well coordinated and well focused. Therefore, she strongly encouraged Australia's developing country partners to continue to articulate clearly their priority areas for technical cooperation and she urged others who were providing technical cooperation to share information widely about the resources and expertise that they had and the projects that they were undertaking in order that they could better match responses to needs. In this regard, she welcomed the statement by the Secretariat on its cooperation with WIPO.