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Ambassador István Major (Hungary)
72. The representative of Kenya emphasized the importance her delegation attached to the WIPO-WTO Joint Initiative for technical cooperation. It had also highly appreciated the Joint WIPO-WTO Symposium earlier in the week. It had been an eye-opener as to what was required, particularly for those developing countries that had to meet the deadline of the year 2000, to have their legislation and other aspects of TRIPS obligations in place. She said that WIPO had provided assistance to Kenya in training and in amending legislation to include the TRIPS requirements. Her delegation had also received assistance in attending seminars and workshops to clarify issues concerning the Agreement. There remained areas where her delegation still needed assistance, particularly in the area of creating awareness. Many developing countries were unaware of the urgency of examining and amending legislation. She wondered whether there could be an increased number of seminars and workshops to create such awareness, and targeting the policy-makers in various Members to speed up the legislative amendment process. She also wondered whether the WTO could assist developing countries in sending personnel from their capitals to attend meetings of the Council. This was the first time she had attended a meeting of the Council and for other representatives it might have been the first meeting as well. She asked whether the WTO could allocate some of its technical cooperation facilities to enable personnel from capitals to attend meetings so that they could relay the urgency of implementing TRIPS obligations to their governments.