Report by Developed Country Members on the implementation of TRIPS Art. 66.2 (re. Technology Transfer to LDCs) - View details of the document

Unión Europea

Bilateral R&D projects in international technological cooperation with certification and unilateral monitoring are projects carried out by formally constituted international consortia, with the participation of one or more Spanish companies that collaborate effectively in a R&D project with one or more foreign partners from the following countries, of which six are LDCs: 

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Algeria, Argentina, Australia, Bangladesh, Brazil, Cape Verde, Cambodia, Qatar, Chile, China, Colombia, Ivory Coast, Costa Rica, Republic of Korea, Cuba, UAE, USA, Ecuador, Egypt, Philippines, Ghana, Guatemala, India, Indonesia, Iran, Japan, the State of Kuwait, Sri Lanka, Lao People's Democratic Republic, Lebanese Republic, Malaysia, Morocco, Mauritania, Myanmar, Mexico, Oman, Peru, Dominican Republic, Russian Federation, Senegal, Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan, Tunisia, Uruguay and Viet Nam.

List of programmes/projects

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# Name of programme or project Beneficiary Members(s) Category of technology  
1 Proyectos de Cooperación Tecnológica Internacional con certificación y seguimiento unilateral