Report by Developed Country Members on the implementation of TRIPS Art. 66.2 (re. Technology Transfer to LDCs) - View details of the document

European Union
SWEDEN Foreword: Sweden contributes with technology transfer to least-developed countries through its development assistance. This assistance is channelled through the Swedish International Development Co-operation Agency (Sida). In particular its department for Infrastructure and Economic Co-operation (INEC) deals with technology transfer to developing and to least-developed countries. INEC is responsible for Sida's development assistance to the infrastructural sector and it also deals with economic cooperation. This involves sector and feasibility studies, investment projects, energy savings and renewable energy projects in the energy field and also in other areas such as telecommunications, roads, housing, urban development, etc. These projects often include sector reforms, institution building and the use of local resources in road construction for example. INEC also provides support to productive sectors in developing countries, such as industry and trade, capital markets development, contract-financed technical cooperation, credits and guarantees, international training etc. With regard to least-developed countries, most of INEC's activities are geared towards the transfer of technology and know-how.
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