Notifications under TRIPS Art. 1.3 or 3.1 - View details of the document

With regard to Article 1.3 of the TRIPS Agreement, granting Members the possibility of availing themselves of the exceptions to national treatment provided for in the Rome Convention, Portugal will avail itself of one of the exceptions provided for therein, that is to say, it will not apply the criterion of fixation but only the criteria of nationality and publication (see Article 5 of the Rome Convention); Portugal will also avail itself of the exceptions provided for in Article 6 of the Rome Convention. With regard to Article 3.1 of the TRIPS Agreement and the possibility provided for therein for Members to avail themselves of exceptions to national treatment, Portugal will avail itself of all the exceptions provided for therein (see Article 6 of the Berne Convention and Article 16.1(b) of the Rome Convention).