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Kyrgyz Republic
The Law of the Kyrgyz Republic (Bishkek, January 21 2014 No 14) - On the introduction of amendments and supplements to the Law of The Kyrgyz Republic "On Copyright and related rights"
The given draft provided for introducing amendments to part 2 article 16 of the Law of the Kyrgyz Republic «On the Copyright and Related Rights», where by the Decree of Parliament of the Kyrgyz Republic dated 27 May 2011, No. 515-V the paragraph 12 of the above-stated Law has been recognized technically wrong as become invalid. To identify categories of rights the administration of which shall be carried out by the entities of collective management, it is proposed to introduce amendments to article 44 of the Law of the Kyrgyz Republic «On the Copyright and Related Rights». In view of that the amendments are also introduced to Article 47 of the Law as so far the functions of those organizations shall be carried out by Kyrgyzpatent. The draft also contains some amendments of editorial nature facilitating to correct interpretation of provisions of that Law. In addition, it should be noted that some provisions of the existing version of the Law of of the Kyrgyz Republic «On the Copyright and Related Rights» in state language are not in compliance with existing version of the specified Law in official language. Due to that according to section 3 article 6 of the Law of the Kyrgyz Republic «On the normative legal acts of the Kyrgyz Republic» in case of discrepancy between the text of Constitution and other normative acts of the Kyrgyz Republic in state language and the text in official language, the text in state language shall be deemed as original. By the draft it is proposed to make the appropriate amendments to the above Law in state language.
The State Service of Intellectual Property and Innovation under the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic