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In relation to the former Act, the provisions of the new Act, among other things, harmonize legal framework for the protection of trademarks with new technological possibilities of representation of a trademark and the previous obligation to provide for a graphical representation of a mark to be protected as a trademark is revoked. Furthermore, an appropriate legal framework is established for the protection of traditional terms for wines, of traditional specialities guaranteed, of geographical indications and designations of origin from unauthorized registration by a trademark by introducing corresponding absolute grounds for refusal of trademark registration, and more detailed rules in relation to registration and protection of collective and guarantee trademarks are being laid down. There are clearer regulations of rules regarding designation and classification of a trademark in terms of proper determination of the scope of protection in respect to goods and services included in the application. Appropriate legal protection is assured for rightholders in relation to counterfeit goods in transit through the EU territory, and in relation to preparatory acts related to the use or packaging of products by unauthorized use of a trademark. In compliance with the requirements of the Directive 2004/48, the urgency of proceedings is provided for in lawsuits due to trademark infringements.
The Official Gazette of the Republic of Croatia No 14/2019
State Intellectual Property Office of the Republic of Croatia