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Design Act (Act No. 125 of 1959) - Latest revision: Act No. 42 of May 21, 2021
1. The revised act is to allow the parties subject to oral proceedings for a trial or appeal to complete required procedures using a video conference system without physically appearing in the trial court for the proceedings, provided that the chief administrative judge indicates his/her decision to allow such options. 2. The revised act is to simplify the procedures for informing applicants of the decisions on registration of their designs filed as international applications. (e.g., allowing the JPO to electronically send such notifications via the International Bureau instead of sending them by postal mail which may stop in response to the expansion of the COVID-19 pandemic) 3. The revised act is to stipulate a new rule for the exemption of the registration surcharges during a predetermined period targeting right holders who, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, natural disasters, or other similar reasons, have failed to meet the due date for the payment of registration fees.
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