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Law 10.695, dated 1st July 2003.
Amends and adds a paragraph to art. 184 and gives new wording to art. 186 of Decree No. 2,848, of December 7, 1940 – Penal Code, amended by Laws No. 6,895, of December 17, 1980, and 8,635, of March 16, 1993, revokes art. 185 of Decree No. 2,848, of 1940, and adds provisions to Decree No. 3,689, of October 3, 1941 – Code of Criminal Procedure. Amended Chapter I (Crimes against intellectual property) of Title III of the Penal Code to increase the penalty and improve the wording on crimes related to copyright infringement. It also changed the criminal procedure for the assessment of those crimes.
Entry into force: 30 days after publication. Published on 2 July 2003.
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