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This code shall settle the issue, the contestation and the enforcement of the administrative acts, as well as the contestation of the acts of secondary legislation through the court; the consideration and the resolution of the signals and the proposals of the citizens and the organisations; the proceedings on indemnity for damages from unlawful acts, actions or inactions of the administrative bodies and officials, as well as for damages from the judicial activity of the administrative courts and the Supreme Administrative Court; the consideration of claims to be obliged an administrative body to undertake or to restrain him/herself from undertaking a definite action; the activity on equalizing of the court practice on administrative cases; the enforcement of the administrative and the court acts on administrative cases; providing complex administrative services; the agreement and the administrative contract.
Prom. SG. 30/11 Apr 2006 Amend. and suppl. SG. 15/19 Feb 2021
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