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Law N° 8116, Code of Civil Procedure
According to Article 348 of the Code, disputes which result from patents, trade and service marks, industrial designs, models and any other rights resulting from industrial property, are tried by the section of trade disputes in the court of the district of Tirana. Article 173 of the Code underlines that, when it is necessary to mention trade, invention secrets, the publication of which would affect interest protected by law, a session behind closed doors is allowed. There are in this Code provisions of a generic nature especially in Parts I and II which are used in relation with intellectual property rights too. In article 170 of the Code, seventh paragraph, it is stated that “as preliminary actions the judge decides, according to the case, the provision of the seizure of the goods or other provisional relief”. Article 21 of the same Code states that when the law allows and the circumstances of the case dictate the taking of a judicial decision, independently from the knowledge of one party, the latter has the right to appeal in a judicial way against the decision made.
Dated 29 March 1996.
[Legal text also notified in document IP/N/1/ALB/2.]