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Federal Law supplementing the Swiss Code of Civil Law
Articles 380 ff: Provisions regarding publishing contracts (existence and scope of rights as regards transfers of copyright, the author’s right of disposal, translation rights and the publisher’s rights in respect of a work developed on the basis of his or her project). Articles 828 ff: Provisions governing cooperatives. In most cases, copyright societies are set up as cooperatives. Creation of business names containing national or territorial geographical designations (Article 944.2). The new Law on Designs has eliminated the regulation under Article 332(a) of the Code of Obligations (CO); Article 332 thereof now establishes the same regulation for both invention and design rights. Article 332: The employer’s right to Inventions by an employee in the performance of his or her duties. Article 321(a): Workers prohibited from making use of or revealing industrial or business secrets while under contract or subsequently. Articles 41 ff: Civil liability arising from unlawful acts; award of damages, etc. Articles 97 ff: Contractual obligations; award of damages, etc. Article 61: Liability of officials and public employees.
Most recent amendments: - Article 332 and Article 333(a) (repealed). Adopted on 5 October 2002. Entered into effect on 1 July 2002. (RO 2002 1456) [Legal text also notified in document IP/N/1/CHE/2.]