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Turkish Commercial Code Nº 6762
Unfair competition rules laid down in Articles 56 to 65 of the Code provide general means for the protection of intellectual property. Article 56 states that unfair competition is the abuse of economic competition in any manner incompatible with good faith. Article 57 provides the examples of acts incompatible with good faith, in a non-exhaustive manner. The counting is wide enough to cover (some) copyright and (all) industrial property goods. Article 58 brings civil remedies. Articles 64 and 65 state criminal remedies in the form of imprisonment and/or fine. Protection of undisclosed information is provided through the unfair competition provisions of the Code. Article 57/7-8 describes the acts incompatible with good faith and which constitute unfair competition. Among those: - deducing the employees, agents or other assistants and getting them to divulge or obtain the trading and manufacturing secrets of their employer or of his agents; - taking an illicit advantage from trading or manufacturing secrets obtained or learnt incompatible with good faith or divulging them to others are acts that constitute unfair competition. Articles 58-63 provide civil remedies such as prevention of infringement, compensation for damages. Article 64 provides criminal sanction for imprisonment and/or fine.