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Bahrain, Kingdom of
Geographical Indications
18. Please explain how exceptions under Article 24 of the TRIPS Agreement are used in your jurisdiction. Please provide examples of the use of the exceptions by courts or lists of names considered as generic in your jurisdiction.
By virtue of Article 9 of the draft Law on Geographical Indications the following are not considered as violations of the provisions of the said Law: a) use of a geographical indication, in any manner, if such indication is identical with the term customary in common language as the common name for certain good or service in the State of Bahrain. b) use by any person, or that of his predecessor in the course of trade, in a manner that does not mislead the public. c) use of a geographical indication which is not or ceases to be protected in the country of origin, or which has fallen into disuse in that country. The draft Law does not contain examples of names considered as generic.