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Copyright and Related Rights
[General follow-up question] In response to questions 1, 3 and 6, Ireland has indicated that it is carefully examining certain areas of its laws in preparing a new comprehensive piece of copyright legislation, in order to fully implement all of Ireland's international obligations. Please indicated the expected timetable for this new legislation, and as to each of the areas identified in the answers to the noted questions, provide whatever information is available as to the changes that will be made to Irish law.
(i) With regard to the expected timetable for Ireland's new legislation, Ireland is currently in the process of drafting Heads of Bill for the Parliamentary Draftsman, who will draw up an appropriate bill. It is our intention to have these draft Heads completed and submitted to the Parliamentary Draftsman by the end of this year. A bill will then be brought before Parliament as soon as possible thereafter. Additional resources have been assigned to this task and Ireland is treating this as a matter of priority. (ii) With regard to any changes that will be made to Irish Law, it is not possible to give an absolute indication of what will be contained in the final text, as this matter must go before Parliament. However, the bill will take account of the necessity to comply with our international obligations.