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Copyright and Related Rights
1. Is the Norwegian Government of the opinion that the eligibility criteria under Royal Decree of 8 June 1995 No. 524 Section 1 (cfr. the Copyright Act Section 57) and Royal Decree of 22 December 1989 No. 1288, should be amended in order to fulfil the obligations under the TRIPS Agreement for minimum protection, national treatment and most favoured nation treatment (Articles 1.3, 3 and 4 of the TRIPS Agreement)?
These regulations (Regulation No. 5 of 10 April 1964 and Regulation No. 1288 of 22 December 1989 - both with subsequent amendments), which supplement Chapter 8 on the scope of the Act, are currently under revision. The eligibility criteria will shortly be amended to comply with the national treatment clause and the MFN clause of the TRIPS Agreement. 2. For the purpose of clarification: Has the Norwegian Government made a notification to the TRIPS Council regarding the Norwegian reservation under paragraph 2 of Article 6 of the Rome Convention (Article 1.3 of the TRIPS Agreement)? Such notification will be made promptly.