Russian Federation
IP Enforcement
14. Please describe any new initiatives that are planned to improve the enforcement of intellectual property rights in the Russian Federation. Is there a particular action plan in place?
There is no particular action plan on intellectual property rights enforcement in the Russian Federation. Every competent body has a goal to promote end increase the protection of IPR. However, some initiatives have recently been realized. First of all, the creation in March 2013 of the Intellectual Property Arbitration Court. The second initiative is the fight against internet piracy. The first step was done in July with the adoption of Federal Law No. 187-ФЗ. The new "Antipiracy Law" introduces the principle of liability of internet service providers, mechanisms for blockage of illegal content by a court decision. For the moment, the scope of the Law is limited to films, but different amendments concerning the extension of scope of protection are in the stage of public discussions.