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United Arab Emirates
Industrial Designs
15. Please describe the procedure that must be followed to obtain protection for industrial designs, citing to the provisions of the law of the United Arab Emirates, and describe the nature of the protection provided.
The industrial design must be recorded in the special Register kept by the Ministry of Industry and Finance (the Directorate). The registration application shall be filled and examined according to the procedure, and on payment of the fees, determined by the related Decree. The procedures mentioned above could be summarised in presenting an application which should be considered on the basis of prescribed requirements indicated in the 1992 Patent and Industrial Design Law No. 44 (Article 51) and 1993 related Decree No. 11 (Articles 45-49). The requirements are of formal and objective nature, providing that applicant have a right to use appeal procedures, be they administrative or judicial if needed (Patent and Industrial Design Law, Article 47). The nature of protection provided for industrial designs is reflected in Article 49 of the 1992 Patent and Industrial Design Law which accord to the holder the right of using the design in the making of any product, importing any product related to the industrial design, or processing such a product for the purpose of offering it for sale or selling it.