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United Arab Emirates
IP Enforcement
27. Please describe in detail all of the civil remedies that are available to right holders under the laws of the United Arab Emirates, citing to the relevant provisions of law or regulation.
The three intellectual property rights-related laws provide for measures aimed at preventing violation of intellectual property rights. The 1992 Trade Marks Law No. 37 in its chapter VI on Penalty (Articles 37-43), the 1992 Copyright Law in its chapter VIII (Articles 38-44 on Penalty), and the 1992 Patent and Design Law in its chapter V on Preventive Measures, Offences and Penalty (Articles 58-61) lay down measures to prevent any infringement or unlawful act which violate rights of the owner of intellectual property. These laws also provides for remedy measures like preventive seizure, confiscation, destruction of products and equipment as well as removing of the effects of the illegal acts and compensation.