TRIPS Review Materials - Lists of Members having submitted relevant documents

This page allows you to browse the lists of Members having submitted: (i) responses to the illustrative lists of questions for the review of the implementation of TRIPS Art. 27.3(b); and (ii) information for review under TRIPS Art. 24.2 (responses to the Checklist of Questions on Geographical Indications (GIs)). You can consult the lists on screen, and download and print them in Excel format. You can also download individual documents.

Information for Review of the provisions of Art. 27.3(b) (Patentable Subject Matter) Total: 28
Member or group of Members Date of most recent submission Document symbol Download document
Australia 16/03/1999 IP/C/W/125/Add.13
Bulgaria 03/02/1999 IP/C/W/125
Canada 12/03/1999 IP/C/W/125/Add.12
Czech Republic 18/09/2001 IP/C/W/125/Add.8/Suppl.1
Estonia 02/07/2001 IP/C/W/125/Add.20
European Union 10/02/1999 IP/C/W/125/Add.4
Hong Kong, China 10/07/2001 IP/C/W/125/Add.21
Hungary 16/02/1999 IP/C/W/125/Add.1
Iceland 17/07/2000 IP/C/W/125/Add.19
Japan 12/03/1999 IP/C/W/125/Add.7
Korea, Republic of 16/02/1999 IP/C/W/125/Add.9
Lithuania 22/07/2002 IP/C/W/125/Add.23
Mexico 21/05/2019 IP/C/W/125/Add.25
Moldova, Republic of 26/01/2004 IP/C/W/125/Add.24
Morocco 20/04/1999 IP/C/W/125/Add.14
New Zealand 12/02/1999 IP/C/W/125/Add.2
Norway 19/05/1999 IP/C/W/125/Add.17
Poland 12/03/1999 IP/C/W/125/Add.11
Romania 16/02/1999 IP/C/W/125/Add.6
Saudi Arabia, Kingdom of 21/01/2021 IP/C/R/BT/SAU/1
Slovak Republic 27/07/1999 IP/C/W/125/Add.18
Slovenia 16/02/1999 IP/C/W/125/Add.10
South Africa 21/04/1999 IP/C/W/125/Add.16,
Switzerland 13/04/1999 IP/C/W/125/Add.15
Thailand 10/08/2001 IP/C/W/125/Add.22
Ukraine 15/07/2019 IP/C/W/125/Add.26
United States of America 20/04/1999 IP/C/W/125/Add.5
Zambia 10/02/1999 IP/C/W/125/Add.3
Information for Review under Art. 24.2 (Checklist of Questions on GIs) Total: 37
Member or group of Members Date of most recent submission Document symbol Download document
Australia 09/07/1999 IP/C/W/117/Add.19
Bulgaria 01/12/1998 IP/C/W/117/Add.2
Canada 14/01/1999 IP/C/W/117/Add.5
Colombia 17/10/2008 IP/C/W/117/Add.32,
Croatia 07/09/2010 IP/C/W/117/Add.33
Cuba 15/11/2002 IP/C/W/117/Add.26
Czech Republic 12/11/1998 IP/C/W/117
Ecuador 16/02/1999 IP/C/W/117/Add.9
El Salvador 09/12/2016 IP/C/W/117/Add.34
Estonia 10/07/2001 IP/C/W/117/Add.22
European Union 24/07/2000 IP/C/W/117/Add.10/Suppl.2
Honduras 18/05/2007 IP/C/W/117/Add.31
Hong Kong, China 15/12/2000 IP/C/W/117/Add.21
Hungary 05/02/1999 IP/C/W/117/Add.8
Iceland 10/03/1999 IP/C/W/117/Add.15
Japan 01/12/1998 IP/C/W/117/Add.1
Korea, Republic of 16/10/2000 IP/C/W/117/Add.20
Liechtenstein 15/04/1999 IP/C/W/117/Add.11/Rev.1
Lithuania 10/09/2002 IP/C/W/117/Add.24
Mexico 01/06/2018 IP/C/W/117/Add.14/Rev.1
Moldova, Republic of 23/01/2004 IP/C/W/117/Add.29
Montenegro 08/02/2019 IP/C/W/117/Add.36
Morocco 16/09/2002 IP/C/W/117/Add.25
New Zealand 10/02/1999 IP/C/W/117/Add.12
Norway 07/02/2019 IP/C/W/117/Add.7/Rev.1
Peru 14/02/2001 IP/C/W/117/Add.16/Rev.1
Poland 05/06/2002 IP/C/W/117/Add.23
Romania 09/03/1999 IP/C/W/117/Add.17
Slovak Republic 28/01/1999 IP/C/W/117/Add.6
Slovenia 05/02/2003 IP/C/W/117/Add.27
Switzerland 01/03/2022 IP/C/R/GI/CHE/1
Chinese Taipei 16/06/2004 IP/C/W/117/Add.30,
Türkiye 05/02/1999 IP/C/W/117/Add.4
Ukraine 10/10/2018 IP/C/W/117/Add.35
United States of America 01/12/1998 IP/C/W/117/Add.3
Uruguay 16/09/2003 IP/C/W/117/Add.28
Venezuela, Bolivarian Republic of 15/04/1999 IP/C/W/117/Add.18