Minutes - TRIPS Council Special Session - View details of the intervention/statement

Ambassador C. Trevor Clarke (Barbados)
European Union
167. The representative of the European Communities said his delegation supported the suggested way of moving forward. This issue should not sleep until June and he fully agreed with the proposal to have meetings in between. He added that the issue discussed at this meeting were part of a proposal which also touched on two other topics. His delegation welcomed the Director-General's decision to hold technical consultations on those two other topics the following week. 168. The representative of the United States reiterated the request for a written proposal from the European Communities and the other co-sponsors of TN/C/W/52, and said that it would help to see with more clarity what the proposal would look like and how it would compare with the joint proposal. Until then, she said, it would be premature to have inter-sessional meetings.
The Special Session took note of the statements made.