Minutes - TRIPS Council Special Session - View details of the intervention/statement

Ambassador C. Trevor Clarke (Barbados)
174. The representative of Costa Rica said that, while TN/C/W/52 was a written proposal, it was not really a legal text such as the joint proposal in TN/IP/W/10/Rev.2, the Hong Kong, China proposal in TN/IP/W/8, or the former European Communities' proposal in WT/GC/W/547-TN/C/W/26-TN/IP/W/11. His delegation believed that the proponents of TN/C/W/52 should be able to come up with a legal text in order to facilitate the discussion of the Special Session.
TN/C/W/52; TN/IP/W/10/Rev.2; TN/IP/W/8; WT/GC/W/547; TN/C/W/26; TN/IP/W/11
The Special Session took note of the statements made.