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Ambassador C. Trevor Clarke (Barbados)
B.i Meeting of 23 October 2009, p.m.
18. The representative of Guatemala said that her delegation co-sponsored the room document which had been introduced by New Zealand and was already the first concrete result of the Chair's initiative of asking a list of questions. However, although the Chair's questions were a useful tool, it would be helpful to hear the demandeurs' questions and concerns regarding the joint proposal. At the last meeting, Australia and New Zealand had made enormous efforts to explain in detail how the joint proposal would be implemented in their domestic systems, and how it would function in specific practical terms. They explained clearly how implementing the joint proposal would really improve GI protection without imposing additional administrative burdens. These had been important steps forward, and no opposition to these explanations had been voiced so far in this Special Session. Her delegation was of the view that implementing the joint proposal would cover the trade interests of those interested in this register. If this was not the case, it would be appropriate for the demandeurs to point out the shortcomings they saw in the practical implementation of the joint proposal.