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Ambassador Eui-yong Chung (Korea, Republic of)
United States of America
C.ii.ii Costs
107. The representative of the United States expressed concerns that a precedent would be created whereby specific proposals had to be carried out by those who made them. While he appreciated the Secretariat's willingness to provide delegations with some sample costs, he also noted, as pointed out by previous speakers, that those costs might be too "discreet" to provide any true indication of their relevance to the overall system that was being discussed. He was thinking of going, in an objective way, through each of the two proposals on the table and identifying the points where a cost would emerge for a government, for a producer, or for a party challenging the use of a term by a producer. He said that this useful exercise could be carried out by the Secretariat without being prejudicial to either side. It could just go through the proposals quite expeditiously and identify points of expense, not saying how much or how little, but simply identifying that there was a cost involved at those points.