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Ambassador Eui-yong Chung (Korea, Republic of)
United States of America
C.ii.iv.a Definition of the term "geographical indications" and eligibility of geographical indications for inclusion in the system
118. The representative of the United States associated his delegation with the statement made by Australia. In looking at the definition under Article 22.1, his delegation had the view that this definition did not require a term to be the name of a geographical area. Therefore, it believed that a non-geographical term, such as “Cachaça” (for a spirit in Brazil), which had come to identify a particular good as originating from a particular geographic area because the good had a particular quality, reputation, or characteristic attributable to its geographic origin, could certainly meet the Article 22.1 definition. He suggested that Members examine closely whether the EC proposal would in fact consider such terms to be notifiable GIs under the EC system.