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Ambassador Eui-yong Chung (Korea, Republic of)
C.ii.i Procedures
51. The representative of Singapore said that the factual information provided by the WTO Secretariat with the assistance of the International Bureau of WIPO would be extremely useful because it would assist the Special Session in decision-making and would help avoid confusion and controversy. He further said that the communications contained in documents TN/IP/W/5 and TN/IP/W/6 were very useful contributions in helping his delegation to understand the aims and objectives of Article 23.4. After having heard proposals relating to information such as bilateral agreements and administrative decisions and to arbitration, he believed it was necessary for his delegation to reiterate that the procedure should be simple, efficient, cost-effective and not burdensome. What Article 23.4 required was "facilitation", and participants should give "facilitation" its simple meaning. The second point concerned the legal effect: Article 23.4 used the words "in those Members participating in the system"; this seemed clear to his delegation that countries which wished to be part of the system might join it. It followed clearly from there that what was intended to be put in place could not affect the position of countries other than those participating in the system.