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European Union



European Union


The following communication, dated 7 October 2020, is being circulated at the request of the European Union. It reports on technical cooperation activities by the European Union, as well as certain of its member States.



This document provides information on the implementation of Article 67 of the TRIPS Agreement. It concerns the technical cooperation activities carried out between July 2019 and July 2020 by the European Union and individual Members in favour of developing and least developed country Members, with the objective to facilitate the implementation of the TRIPS Agreement.


List of programmes/projects

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# Title of programme or activity Start date Beneficiary Members or observers  
1 Implementation of the Functional Review and Action Plan for the Energy Division of the Ministry of Infrastructure, Rwanda. 01/06/2018 Rwanda
2 IP Key China 01/09/2017 China
3 Technology transfer capacity building in the Western Balkans December 2016- December 2019 01/12/2016 Albania; North Macedonia
4 SUB–ACTIVITY Trade Component of the BOMCA 9 programme 4 National workshops/trainings (in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyz Republic, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan) on introduction of the EU practice in the field of customs control on dual-use goods, the protection of endangered species of animals and plants (CITES), on goods subject to protection of Intellectual property rights (IPR) and the development of new working tools to combat illegal trade. Kyrgyz Republic
5 ASEAN Regional Integration Support from the EU (ARISE Plus) – Component 2: Intellectual Property Rights (ARISE+ IPRs) 01/01/2018 Brunei Darussalam; Cambodia; Indonesia; Lao People's Democratic Republic; Malaysia; Myanmar; Philippines; Singapore; Thailand; Viet Nam
6 EU - Sri Lanka Trade Related Assistance Project : Increasing SMEs trade competitiveness in regional and EU markets 01/11/2016 Sri Lanka
7 Support to trade development in Southern Mediterranean through the Agadir Agreement - Phase IV / Agadir IV (EUR 4 million) 20/12/2017 Egypt; Jordan; Morocco; Tunisia
8 ARISE+ Indonesia Trade Support Facility Priority area 4: IPR focusing on Geographical Indications 02/01/2019 Indonesia
9 The ASEAN Regional Integration Support from the EU Plus - Lao PDR (ARISE+ Lao PDR) 01/11/2018 Lao People's Democratic Republic
10 EU-EAC MARKUP: Burundi intervention under the Partner States Window 25/07/2018 Burundi
11 Establishing Efficient Protection and Control System of Geographical Indications (GIs) in Georgia 01/02/2019 Georgia
12 Stop Stock Outs Project. Contract Ref - AFS/2016/ 374-479 20/08/2016 South Africa
13 Building capacity by implementing MHGAP mobile intervention in SADC countries (Erasmus+ Capacity building project) 30/09/2017 South Africa
14 Direct Current Technology: Renewable Energy Education and Skill Development in South Africa [DCTREES], (Erasmus+ Capacity building project) 30/09/2017 South Africa
15 Personalised Engineering Education in Southern Africa (PEESA III), (Erasmus+ Capacity building project) 30/09/2017 South Africa
16 Teaching and Learning for Inclusive Education. Contract Ref - AFS/2016/ 376-591 01/09/2016 South Africa
17 Teachers for All: Mainstreaming Inclusive Education in South Africa. Contract Ref - AFS/2016/ 376-629 01/09/2016 South Africa
18 Strengthening teaching for children with profound hearing, visual and intellectual disabilities in South Africa. Contract Ref - AFS/2016/ 377-805 01/10/2016 South Africa
19 Teaching and Learning for Early Learning and Inclusive Education. Contract Ref - AFS/2016/ 378-251 15/01/2017 South Africa
20 Waste to Wing - Greening African Aviation Contract Ref - ENV/2017/ 391-384 15/01/2018 South Africa
21 Promoting Inclusive Sustainable Practices in the South African Clay Brick Sector. ENV/2017/ 391-381 01/01/2018 South Africa
22 Smallholder access to high value horticultural markets. Contract Ref - ENV/2017/ 391-377 15/01/2018 South Africa
23 Support Programme to the National System of Innovation. Reference - AFS/2017/40022 19/07/2018 South Africa
24 Dialogue on South African and European Innovation Policies and Systems 01/09/2018 South Africa
25 Strengthening Governance and Capacity in Local Government Contract Ref -CSO-LA/2016/ 374-420 01/09/2016 South Africa
26 Development of the Enterprise Architecture of the National School of Government Contract Ref - AFS/2019/ 401-868 03/06/2019 South Africa
27 Capacity Building Programme for Employment Promotion (CBPEP) 17/04/2016 South Africa
28 Promoting youth civic engagement and advocacy to build safer communities through youth-led radio initiatives at community radio stations across South Africa. Contract Ref - CSO-LA/2017/ 385-573 13/06/2017 South Africa
29 Developing a national cadre of citizen journalists producing socially relevant content for dissemination across multi-media platforms. Contract Ref - CSO-LA/2017/ 386-675 18/07/2017 South Africa
30 Employability enhancement in the field of renewable energies, on the basis of closer collaboration between university and industry ( EURYDIC) (Erasmus+ Capacity building project) 01/09/2019 South Africa
31 Strengthening university-enterprise cooperation in South Africa to support regional development by enhancing lifelong learning skills, social innovations and inclusivity ( SUCSESS) (Erasmus+ Capacity building project) 01/09/2019 South Africa
32 Transforming Curricula through Internationalisation and virtual exchanges (iKUDU) (Erasmus+ Capacity building project) 01/09/2019 South Africa
33 Empowering universities' Learning and research capacities in the one Health Approach for the management of animals at the wildlife, livestock and human interface in South Africa (ELEPHANT) (Erasmus+ Capacity building project) 01/09/2019 South Africa
34 Accelerating Progress towards Maternal, Neonatal and Child Morbidity and Mortality Reduction in Zambia 01/05/2013 Zambia
35 Health Systems Strengthening – Support to the Ministry of Health and the Zambia Medicines Regulatory Authority 01/08/2015 Zambia
36 Performance Enhancement Programme for the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock for Better Service Delivery to Farmers 01/01/2017 Zambia
37 Aviation Sector Support Programme II (ASSP II) 01/01/2017 Zambia
38 Increased Access to Electricity and Renewable Energy Production (IAEREP) 01/03/2018 Zambia
39 Enhancement of a sustainable regional energy market in the Eastern and Southern Africa and Indian Ocean region (ESREM) 01/05/2017 Angola; Djibouti; Eswatini; Kenya; Lesotho; Madagascar; Mauritius; Rwanda; Seychelles; South Africa; Tanzania; Uganda; Zambia; Zimbabwe