Actas - Consejo de los ADPIC - Ver detalles de la intervención/declaración

Mr. Martin Glass (Hong Kong, China)
328. The representative of Angola said that his delegation agreed with the points raised by China, India and the European Union. Some delegations were weary that the ACTA negotiation process advanced with a lack of transparency. At the same time, some ACTA negotiators had stated after their last meeting in Wellington that they had reached "a type of consensus" and that they were close to a final agreement. He suggested that, as the next meeting was to take place in Switzerland, ACTA negotiators should share the document with Members before concluding this treaty so they could see that it was consistent with the TRIPS Agreement and the Declaration on TRIPS and Public Health. It was important for Members to have the text and be able to look at the various articles. This could also allay concerns, dispel any misunderstandings, and contribute to a better understanding between Members.