Actas - Consejo de los ADPIC - Ver detalles de la intervención/declaración

Ambassador Federico A. González (Paraguay)
World Trade Organization
N.iii Ninth annual review under paragraph 2 of the decision on the "Implementation of Article 66.2 of the TRIPS Agreement"
271. The representative of the Secretariat said that the 2003 Decision followed through on the decision of Ministers at Doha to establish a mechanism for ensuring the monitoring and full implementation of Article 66.2 obligations. On top of earlier reports on Article 66.2 implementation, this monitoring system had yielded a significant body of material on reported incentives and programmes related to technology transfer, approaching 100 reports in all, some extending to over 100 pages. This sheer volume of information clearly created a challenge for delegations to obtain a general overview of the reported material. 272. In recent years, workshops had been held to help delegations prepare for the annual review that was required to take place at the final Council meeting for the year. This enabled those delegations that had made reports to explain the details of their submissions, and then for an informal dialogue to take place between LDC representatives and the reporting countries, to deepen understanding of the information needs of LDC representatives and of the content of the submissions. This discussion had also turned to questions of how the reporting format and content could be enhanced and focussed so as to improve the utility and consistency of the reports on implementation of Article 66.2. 273. Since the feedback had been positive from these recent events, the Secretariat had scheduled a similar event for the afternoon of October 24, immediately preceding the Council's next meeting. The Secretariat intended to coordinate with LDC Members to ensure that the workshop continued to provide a useful service for those Members in particular, in providing an informal supplement to the Council's formal review of the submissions and in helping to promote understanding and accessibility of the information reported. As noted at the Council meeting in October 2012, this would again be guided by the interests and the priorities of the delegations concerned and the LDC Group in particular.