Actas - Consejo de los ADPIC - Ver detalles de la intervención/declaración

Ambassador Dacio Castillo (Honduras)
30. The Chairman said that, since its meeting in October 2011, the Council had received a number of supplements and updates to earlier notifications of laws and regulations notified under Article 63.2 of the Agreement: • Georgia had notified its laws on patents, copyright and neighbouring rights, trademarks, designs, appellations of origin and geographical indications of goods, topographies of integrated circuits, new breeds of animals and new varieties of plants, as well as a law on border measures relating to intellectual property and certain resolutions related to industrial property; • Colombia had notified certain provisions of a law establishing the National Development Plan 2010 2014 that concerned the transfer of IPRs generated under services or employment contracts, or in research projects funded by the national budget; • Japan had notified its Unfair Competition Prevention Act; and • the United States had notified its Trademark Rules of Practice, and Trademark Technical and Conforming Amendments. 31. These notifications would be circulated in the IP/N/1-series of documents, which contained two types of documents. The base document for each notification contained the list of laws and regulations that a Member had notified and any explanations relating to them. The actual texts of the laws and regulations were circulated in a law series of documents. The base document provided a reference to each of these law series documents that contained the full texts of laws and regulations. 32. While the Secretariat would share under "Other business" information on the implementation of the recommendations for savings and more efficient use of resources made by the Budget Committee and adopted by the General Council and how this affected the TRIPS Council's work, he wished to already mention one element of the implementation of these recommendations. While the Secretariat was continuing to circulate base documents both in hard copy and electronic form, the actual texts of laws in the sub-series of documents would only be circulated in electronic form on the Documents Online database. This procedure also responded to the feedback from users that the routine circulation of hard copies of texts of laws and regulations did not, on the whole, facilitate access to these materials. To the contrary, feedback from users showed that, overwhelmingly, the first point of access was the on-line version of the document, not separate collections of hard copies. 33. As regards notifications of contact points under Article 69 for the exchange of information and cooperation on trade in infringing goods, he said that, since the Council's meeting in October, updates to contact points notified earlier have been received from Georgia and Ukraine. The information on the Members' transparency toolkit page had been updated accordingly.