Actas - Consejo de los ADPIC - Ver detalles de la intervención/declaración

A.i Status of notifications
3. The Chairman said that most of the material due to be notified by Members under Article 63.2 in combination with Article 65.1 of the Agreement had now been made available. There were still gaps however, notably relating to the checklist of issues on enforcement (document IP/C/5). So far, only a handful of countries had communicated responses to this checklist. The procedures for notifications under Article 63.2 (document IP/C/2, paragraph 12) required that each Member provide responses to this checklist as soon as possible after the date as of which the Member was obliged to apply the provisions on enforcement of the Agreement (Part III). Thus the Council had recognized that the preparation of these responses might be a relatively time-consuming exercise. However, given the importance of the issue of enforcement, he urged Members to complement their notification under Article 63.2 in this respect soon and in any case before the end of the year. With regard to texts of laws and regulations and accompanying information still due from some Members, such as the listing of "other laws" (in accordance with the format reflected in document IP/C/4), he had asked the Secretariat to contact the delegations in question.