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I Review of Legislation on Copyright and Related Rights
64. The representative of Brazil said that the review had been an extraordinary learning process and had offered useful references to developing countries now undertaking a broad revision of their legislation aimed at progressive compliance with the TRIPS Agreement. She regretted, however, that the participation of developing countries in the review, with the exception of India, had been quite limited. Ways and means should be found for increasing their participation in future review meetings dealing with other subject areas. While the review had undoubtedly been very useful, developing countries would likely still have many questions to be clarified. It was unfortunate that her delegation had not been in a position to have its copyright specialists present and she suggested that the Council consider the need to provide an opportunity to Members, in particular developing country Members, to address questions relating to legislation reviewed at this meeting at another time. A follow-up review after the adoption of the WIPO treaties that were currently being negotiated might be envisaged. That would be a good occasion to see what measures countries would adopt as a result of possible new treaties, such as a protocol to the Berne Convention, a new instrument for the protection of performers and producers of phonograms and a treaty on sui generis protection of databases. The cooperation between the WTO and WIPO might include the possibility of financing the participation of experts for the next review meetings - either from the WIPO programme or from a special programme at the WTO. Finally, she asked whether the questions and replies presented in the course of the meeting would be made available to the delegations in writing.