Actas - Consejo de los ADPIC - Ver detalles de la intervención/declaración

C.i Notifications under Article 63.2
22. The Chairman said that, as regards the status of notifications by Members as required by Article 63.2 in combination with Article 65.1 of the Agreement, not much had changed since the July meeting when he had reported to Members that, although most of the material due to be notified had now been made available, there were still gaps. Some delegations had, for example, not yet communicated translations into a WTO language of some of their main dedicated intellectual property laws and regulations. The Chairman urged the Members in question to give the necessary priority to complementing their notification under Article 63.2 in this respect, in particular since several of the laws and regulations concerned were relevant to the areas of trademarks, geographical indications and industrial designs, to which the Council's next review of national implementing legislation in November would be devoted. As regards the responses to the checklist of issues on enforcement, so far eight Members had submitted responses. At the last meeting, the Chairman had urged the Members concerned to notify their responses to the checklist soon and in any case before the end of the year. Again, given the importance of the issue of enforcement, the Chairman hoped that the delegations concerned were now preparing their responses and that the Council could expect their submissions shortly. 23. Turning to the review of national implementing legislation to be conducted at the Council's meeting in November, he reminded delegations of the procedures for this review, which could be found in the minutes of the Council's May and July meetings (document IP/C/M/7, paragraph 6 and document IP/C/M/8, paragraphs 69 and 70). This review would relate to the areas of trademarks, geographical indications and industrial designs and, as agreed at the meeting in July, the deadline for advance notice of questions on notified laws was 20 September 1996, while written responses should be provided as soon as possible and in any event one week prior to the review meeting, i.e. by 4 November 1996, at least in respect of those questions posed within the deadline. If written responses were to be translated into all WTO languages and then circulated in time for the November review meeting, they should be made available to the Secretariat well in advance of the meeting, i.e. by 18 October 1996 at the latest.