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Bahrein, Reino de
Patentes (incluida la protección de variedades vegetales)
37. Please explain how your legislation provides for the enhanced patent protection of patents or patent applications pending on 1st January 1995.
This is accounted for by providing the following in the draft Law: Article 42 Without prejudice to the provisions of any agreement or treaty to which the State of Bahrain is party, patents granted in accordance with existing Laws and Regulations prior to the date of entry into force of this Law shall enjoy protection, and be considered as though they are registered under this Law. The elapsed period of protection shall be deducted from the term of protection provided for under this Law and its Regulations. Article 43 The provisions of this Law shall apply to any application filed prior to the entry into force of this Law and which has not been granted a patent. The applicant may amend his application in accordance with the provisions of this Law. Article 46 Ministers shall, each within its own capacity, implement this Law upon its publication in the Official Gazette.