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47. Please explain whether or not your legislation provides for a mechanism to appeal to judicial bodies of final administrative decisions.
Final administrative decisions may be appealed to the court. The mechanism provides that any person with an interest may petition the Minister to object to any administrative decision within 30 days from his knowledge of the decision. The petition is to be decided upon within 30 days and the petitioner is to be advised of the Minister's ruling within 30 days thereafter. After the lapse of 60 days without the petitioner being notified of a ruling, the petition is considered implicitly rejected. A rejection of the petition may be the subject of a challenge to the Supreme Court within 60 days after the petitioner is notified of the decision or the petition is considered implicitly rejected. The legal basis are the following: a) Patents and Utility Models: Article 36 b) Geographical Indications: Article 11 c) Industrial Designs: Article 17 d) Layout-Designs of Integrated Circuits: Article 16 e) Protection of Breeder of New Varieties of Plants: Article 32 f) Trademarks: Article 4