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3. Please explain whether and how France protects against both the direct and indirect reproduction of phonograms as required by TRIPS Article 14.2, including by digital transmission in the context of subscription or interactive services.
Article L-213.1 of the Intellectual Property Code protects producers of phonograms by granting them the right to authorize reproduction of fixations and thus complies with the provisions of the Rome Convention (Article 7), ratified on 3 July 1987, Directive No. 92-100 of 1 November 1992 (Article 7) and Article 14.2 of the TRIPS Agreement. Reproduction covers any physical fixation and direct or indirect reproduction. All phonograms whose protection has not expired are protected with respect to reproduction carried out subsequently to the entry into force of the Law of 3 July 1985 (1 January 1986). In 1996, any phonogram published after or in the course of the month of January 1946 is protected.