Unión Europea
Observancia de los derechos de propiedad intelectual
6. With regard to cases that involve the infringement of intellectual property, could the Government of South Africa provide data on the number of: - law suits that have been filed including their respective outcome and the average length from the filing of a complaint until the final judgement; - injunctions that have been issued (as defined in Article 44 of the TRIPS Agreement) and explain how such injunctions are being enforced; - provisional measures (as defined in Article 50 of the TRIPS Agreement) that have been granted and the average length to obtain such measures (from the request); - suspensions at the border of counterfeit trademark/pirated copyright goods or in relation to goods where other intellectual property rights are infringed; - criminal cases including the sentences that have been applied; whether they have been executed; and please also explain what kind of infringement of an intellectual property right would be regarded as a violation of criminal law; - seizures and/or destruction of counterfeit trademark and pirated copyright goods.
The data requested in the first part of question 6 is not available in readily accessible form. To assemble the necessary facts and figures would entail the application of resources not available at present.