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50. Article 57 also requires that, where the decision on the merits favours the right holder, the competent authorities also may be given authority to give the right holder information regarding the importer, consignee or consignor. If competent authorities in South Africa can provide information regarding the importer, consignee or consignor to the right holder, please explain how information regarding names and addresses of consignors, importers and consignees and quantities of goods are provided to the applicant after a positive decision of infringement is made, e.g., authorities automatically providing information or by submission of a written request from the right holder, etc. Please cite to the law or regulations providing such authority.
Section 10(1)(d) of the Counterfeit Goods Act provides: "… that the accused or the defendant or respondent (as the case may be) discloses the source from which those goods, if found to be counterfeit goods, have been obtained, as well as the identity of the persons involved or ostensibly involved in the importation, exportation, manufacture, production or making and distribution of the counterfeit goods and in the channels of distribution of those goods."