Actividades de cooperación técnica en el marco del artículo 67 del Acuerdo sobre los ADPIC - Ver detalles del documento

United Kingdom

Collated activities from across IPO of the UK on cooperation/assisatance activites.

Lista de programas/proyectos

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# Título del programa o la actividad Fecha de inicio Miembros o observadores beneficiarios  
1 Inward visit by China National Intellectual Property Administration (CNIPA) China
2 One day patent examiner training in Jakarta (Aug 2019) Indonesia
3 One day TM training in Viet Nam Viet Nam
4 Outward Judicial Exchange China
5 Inward visit from China China
6 Outward judicial exchange to Hong Kong, China Hong Kong, China
7 Two-day UK-ASEAN IP Enforcement Seminar in Manila Philippines
8 Two day Conference in Delhi India
9 Presentation at WIPO Advisory Committee on Enforcement
10 Visit to Brazil on Enforcement Brazil
11 Inward visit from China China
12 Outward officials visit to Brazil Brazil
13 Signing of MoU with Brazil Brazil
14 Workshop on online copyright infringement tools, Peru Peru
15 Inward visit from Chinese Ministry of Public Security China
16 Outward visit to China to agree workplan China
17 UK-Indo Copyright Seminar, Indonesia Indonesia
18 2019 UK-China IP Symposium China
19 Outward visit by Director of Copyright and Enforcement to China China
20 Director visit to the Region Chile; Colombia; Peru
21 Outward visit to Korea, Republic of Korea, Republic of
22 Inwards Copyright visit from Indonesia DGIP Indonesia
23 Two day Conference, Delhi India
24 Inward visit by China China
25 Inward visit from Indonesia Indonesia
26 Inward visit by State Administration for Market Regulation (SAMR), China China
27 UK - Brazil IP Prosperity Fund Project Launch Brazil
28 Webinar – IP and Ease of Doing Business March 2020 India
29 Providing information on how UK law protects performers and producers of phonograms Chinese Taipei
30 Signing of MoU with Sao Paulo City Hall Brazil
31 Webinar on IP in Trade, India India
32 Webinar on counterfeiting related to the pandemic Brazil
33 Asia Video Industry Association (AVIA) Seminar China; Hong Kong, China; India; Indonesia; Korea, Republic of; Malaysia; Myanmar; Philippines; Chinese Taipei; Thailand